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Reapply your Refused Schengen Visa to France – Approval

In some cases when a client had been refused to have an entry visa [Schengen Visa] to travel and stay temporarily in France or other Schengen Member States. The most convenient way  to prove your genuine intention is to REAPPLY and rebut previous decision of the officer,

What are Grounds for Refusal of Student Visa in France

Each   applicant who intend to study in France, must apply for a long term visa “D” type at France Consulate Office to your country of resident or citizenship. Taking into consideration the requirements and procedures may differ from one country to another, although online application is available

2 Tips for an Entry Visa to Study in Italy

Before you can get a residence permit to study in Italy, you must then first apply for an entry visa if you are non- EEA national, this is a long term visa type “D” and it could only be issued by the consulate representative of the Italian

When your Entry Visa Application to Travel in Italy may be Refused

If you intend to submit your application to travel  in Italy there are certain requirements you need to supply [complete] with your submission, otherwise if not it may attract a possible refusal to your application.  This is in relation to Article 4 – Admission to enter Italian

Reapply your Refused Student Visa to Ireland

The financial sources of the student when is being sponsored by a certain family member requires credible and substantial information to provide by a family member(s) in support for the student visa application to study in Ireland, because the officer must be satisfied   that your [sponsor] is

Cameroonian National Refusal of Study Permit to Canada

Cameroonian National Refusal of Study Permit to Canada   In Cameroon, last year of 2016, there are about 1,110 Cameroonian nationals who held for   study permit to Canada and for this year of 2017 - first and second quarter, there is only 280 study permit holders to

Unveil Other Reasons of Refusal to your Study Permit in Canada  

Unveil Other Reasons of Refusal to your Study Permit in Canada   When you got this decision “Other Reasons” marked from your refusal letter and looking at your GCMS NOTES, most probably the Visa Officer has many reasons to consider why you were not granted a study