Refusal of Australian Student Visa Subclass 500 and Reapply After

There is no rule to stops  you reapply to your  refused student visa if the grounds are merely failing to meet the GTE requirements as set forth in your refusal letter; for as long as you have a valid eCOE and new information or evidence of documents to be included in your reapplication [ which were not included in your first submission] – if in case you have submitted your student visa in Australia offshore, one can reapply; except for those students enrolled to providers  whom limit the issuance of eCOE whenever you get refused to your student visa in Australia and wanting to reapply and obtain again an eCOE  (preferably most of the universities in Australia).


The GTE requirements  are the guidelines of the Immigration Officer as part of assessing your student visa application  and some may not able to meet or demonstrate, that they indeed have met its instructions and as a result,  their application will be rejected. If you tend to reapply from a refused student visa in Australia, be mindful about how will you claim your statement in meeting  the GTE, though it is not really needed that you must complete the significant checklist of the GTE, for you to get the approval – as it may differ from the individual circumstances of the applicant on a case to case basis. In addition to this you must provide relevant evidence of documents that will stand your claim – because if not, it is likely that you may have  slimmer chances of approval.


Just then, when our client from Ghana who has contacted us to assist him to reapply from his refused student visa in Australia,  to study a certain I.T Diploma course program; where in his first submission of student visa, he has not able to establish that his personal circumstances in his country of resident hence,  are  strong enough for the Immigration Officer to consider his application on the basis of his ‘family, economic ties and the financial resources ’ of his country of resident/citizenship, since on the information he has provided to his Subclass 500 online application; that he is single, working for nearly 6 years as a support I.T and 35- year- old. While, it is his father a (businessman) would support financially his studies for Australia. But what made the Immigration Officer declined his student visa in Australia?


After we reviewed his application and the documents, there were certain substantial and material documents which should have been included onto his application for a  student visa subclass 500, he thought of these information and documents were not relevant to his application, given that he has done to his own application by himself  without the assistance of any agent.  We discussed to him the complexity of how to meet the GTE requirement in the context of his reapplication to a refused student visa and after series of consultation, preparation of documents  for a  review  thus, for submission in a second time; he has had a high hopes that his reapplication will be successful.


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