Reapply your Refused Student Visa to Ireland

The financial sources of the student when is being sponsored by a certain family member requires credible and substantial information to provide by a family member(s) in support for the student visa application to study in Ireland, because the officer must be satisfied   that your [sponsor] is responsible or co-responsible from covering the entire costs and able to provide a clear proof of relationship for the applicant.

  • There should be a clear information or documents showing the available money  in regards for the amount being sponsored to the applicant and shows that this money is readily available as well
  • It is also a prerequisite to show the bank statements for the last six months to determine how your sponsor(s) money  reflects  the intended support to be provided to the applicant
  • It is also important to note that “bank statements” must be in official bank letter head and or if you intend to provide a computer generated printouts – it has to be certified/notarized by the bank(s) and accompanied with a letter of confirmation from the bank
  • In some cases, where in if there is a ‘provenance’ of money from your sponsor’s account before the lodgment of student visa for Ireland. There should be a credible and clear explanation as to where these money  came from

The above information is just a few in concerning to meet the student finances with sponsor for Ireland, otherwise, if you failed to meet or follow the guidelines of Irish Immigration – expect that you may not get positive results of your student visa application and potentially receives a refusal letter with the following grounds below:

  • F- Finances evidence provided is deemed insufficient or incomplete
  • F- Finances – no evidence of finances shown
  • ID – Insufficient documentation in support of the application

Among other information they will look into your application for student visa in Ireland, is your personal circumstances like: your travel history, qualification, work and your intention to study the course in Ireland.  The Visa/Immigration Officer of Irish Immigration Authorities must be satisfied that you will not remain in Ireland after the completion of your proposed study program in Ireland, otherwise if they are not satisfied nor convinced you may bet a refused student visa on the following grounds below:

  • OC- Observe the conditions of the visa- the visa sought is for specific purpose and duration the applicant has  not satisfied  that visa officer that such conditions  would be observed
  • SP – Gaps in Education or employment not accounted for
  • SP – Need to undertake the course in the State

Remember that if you intend to make an appeal to your refused student visa in Ireland, they will look back again of what you had originally have provided to your previous application. Therefore, submitting a ‘fresh application’ or  reapply after the refusal is another options to consider – only if you have additional information or documents to present with your reapplication that is  significant and relevant to claim meeting the criteria for student visa in Ireland and able to address the issue of your previous refusal as stated to your refusal letter.

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