2 Tips for an Entry Visa to Study in Italy

Before you can get a residence permit to study in Italy, you must then first apply for an entry visa if you are non- EEA national, this is a long term visa type “D” and it could only be issued by the consulate representative of the Italian Immigration Authority pursuant to article 4, par 2 [consolidated  act], near to your country of resident and citizenship. There are of course certain requirements to submit when intending to study for Italy and you can then see basic guidelines and instructions as how you will submit and which documents are needed to meet its criteria as per guidelines depending on your circumstances, intended course to undertake, duration and country of nationality for more information visit the website of Ministry of   Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation with this link.


What the officer would look, assess and review  for deciding  your application is in accordance with the regulations, in particular for article 39  – in which most of the applicants failed to demonstrate meeting of what the regulations stated therein;  “ the modalities  of providing the guarantee  of economic coverage by bodies or Italian citizens  or foreign citizens legally  resident of the state’s territory providing the foreign student’s availability of sufficient means of support” thus, among other issues when examining your entry visa in Italy which may lead your student entry visa to be rejected.

Two (2) Major Grounds for the  rejection of your student visa entry in Italy

  1. On the grounds of financial or economic means:
  • Even you have a sponsorship from a certain person(s), family, friends or relative either currently resides in your country or in any Schengen Member States, they would expect to have the credibility of support to financially support your application in a manner that you can financially sustain yourself to study in Italy during the course of your studies;
  • These could be his/her bank statements for a certain period of time showing movements of cash and possible not erratic. Because they have to make sure that there is sustainable funds readily available to you as to your intended studies in Italy;
  • There is no credible sources as for  how the fundings were earned, e.g., if your sponsor is employed, provide copy of his employment  and tax information, if his into business,  of course business registration and financial statement of the business would help to establish the credibility of the sources of income for funding your studies in Italy; the consulate officer would examine them and calculate if the proof of support and means are credible to believe in;
  • If in the event, there is a provenance of money from your account or sponsor’s account before the submission of your entry visa to study in Italy for the pro forma of meeting a sufficient means, and could not account to explain clearly with a supporting documents, expect that your entry visa to study in Italy will be refused, as they are aware of this practice in reference to the operational instructions
  1. On the grounds of your intention to leave the territory of the member states cannot be ascertained:
  • When you had this ground for your rejected entry visa to study in Italy, it may something to do with your local circumstances in your country of nationality like: socio- economic stability e.g., your employment status – whether you are working fulltime, self – employed, running a business or part-time basis at the time your application is submitted at the consulate office for Italy;
  • It may also indicate that you failed to established how your family ties are stronger in your country of resident/nationality – depending on the circumstances of:  whereabouts and status of your family;
  • They would also look into your personal profile, more so about your qualification [previously earned] and your working experience and your intended study program in which you have been accepted in the institute or university in Italy;  this is to see coherent logical trajectory for taking your propose course in Italy;
  • Although, it is not clear from the guidelines if Italian language is a prerequisite when submitting to your entry visa as student in Italy, though, in article 39 par. 3 (e) – “ the realization of the Italian language courses for Aliens that  intend to access  university in Italy”;
  • Your previous personal travel history, if in the event you had traveled to any of the Schengen members and you failed to follow its conditions – your application may indicate you also not to be a ‘bona fide’ applicant for the purpose you are seeking to enter in Italy to study. Additionally, having any previous refusal of visa does not constitute an automatic refusal to your entry visa to study for Italy, it will be assessed on the individual merits of an application.

Meanwhile, If your entry visa to study in Italy has been approved – when arriving to entry to  state’s territory in  Italy, one should apply within 8 working days for his residence permit [study] as regulated by the act, article 5 of  residence permit paragraph 2. More information on how to apply for residence permit at Police Quarters (QUESTURA) when after entering to Italy with valid “entry visa” to study

For assistance for  your entry visa in  Italy, contact VISA ONLINE ASSISTANCE  or send us an email at for more information. For refused entry visa to Italy and wanting to reapply, check out our reapplication process.