Visa Online Assistance is your first choice to help assist on your visa application. We specialise in temporary, student, partner visa and documentation for an immigrant visa for the countries e.g, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, the UK and Ireland. Our commitment to our services does not end from getting the decision of your application as we constantly seek to provide you with the latest information you need to know visit for more information.

What are you paying for:

  • Provide professional eligibility assessment and consultation online for the type of visa, under the  CRITERIA 
  • Help assist the client in completing the online application and paper based application (if applicable)
  • Assist with the visa application submission
  • Interpret and collaborate individual circumstances of the client in reference to the type of visa they wish to apply.
  • Determine the lists of documents needed prior to submission of application
  • Keep updating the client for any changes of immigration information
  • Expound and distinguish the possible pathways for student visa when completing to study abroad. (Applicable for student visa only)
  • Assist with the application for qualification, skills assessment ( for immigrant visa application only)
  • Assist with interview preparation (if any)
  • To review the information & evidence of documents as per criteria of the type of visa (s) he wishes to apply; (for new reapplication)
  • For previous application determine & analyze the grounds of refusal.  if it is  deem worth to reapply again; e.g change of circumstances, correctness of the information provided, new additional evidence of documents that are relevant and may prove the materiality to some degree (for reapplication only)
  • Determine the eligibility of the sponsor & principal applicant or dependent(s) included in the application (for partner, fiancé and spouse visa only)
  • Assist with the country’s visa specific instructions (for study permit)
  • Prepare for the submission letter & study plan
  • Continue to provide online support information
  •  Distinguish the potential pathways for  the student visa when completing to study overseas.
  • Preparation AND  submission letter for the Embassy

 Disclaimer: We are not a recruitment agency