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Immigrant Visa in Australia. Australia  continues to attract skilled migrants under the General Skilled Migration which identifies potential immigrants to apply for permanent resident in Australia, through the current lists of skills occupational list ( SOL) and consolidated skills occupational list (CSOL), applicant for this type of visa either independent or sponsored (state) need to meet the passing mark of 65 points to qualify to apply for the expression of interest (EOI) which is an online application, that determines which among the candidate or applicant in the pool receives the highest points and later gives an invitation to apply through skills select. In qualifying for the 65 points a criteria for selection factors must be met and able to demonstrate that your qualification and skills have been assessed by the assessing authorities in Australia that is responsible for your migration skills assessment, each occupation listed on the SOL and CSOL has corresponding assessing authority that determines the points of your qualification and skills.

For Immigrant Visa in Australia, different assessing authorities have different fees, requirements, procedures and duration to process your application  more in particular with the occupation that requires registration, practical examination and or membership in Australia depending on the occupation, and when receiving the assessment eligibility/certificate ( validity is  for 3 years from the time it was issued) and meeting the required IELTS (if applicable), then applicant may apply for the “expression of interest“, again this  is an online application where you need to enter your personal details, nominated occupation, work experience, study and education,level of English skills, details of a skills assessment related to nominated occupation. Australian  immigration usually gives a 2 rounds of invitation in a month and you only have  two (2) months to apply and submit your application, please note assessment of your age in claiming the points will re- assess again by the time you are given an invitation to apply for permanent resident in  Australia.

It is additionally imperative that the work experience of the candidate matches his/ her qualification to claim the points criteria under this category to ensure job title /description of the applicant must fall under Australia, New Zealand Classification Occupation (ANZCO), and best describe the occupation of the applicant in distinguishing his work experience that is comparable to Australian occupation. Contact Visa Online Assistance for more information regarding the documentation and details on how to complete your EOI application for Australia  General Skilled Migration.