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students in Australia

Australian Education has a strong reputation in providing quality Education. It is rated as “World Leader in Innovations” and universities in Australia ranked among top 100 universities worldwide.A guideline of Genuine Temporary Entrant GTE helps Immigration Officer to distinguish the applicant on a student visa whether they are genuine student or just using a student visa to remain in Australia. To apply for student visa in Australia to study and work part time applicant for this type of visa must have been accepted at registered providers in Australia by furnishing a copy of the Confirmation of Enrollment COE and comply with the requirements to meet for student visa application i.e., Providing information to cover the tuition cost, living costs and travel costs as shown in the figures below:

The criteria, when assessing the application for the maintenance funds vary solely on assessment levels: e.g, of country of citizenship level of migration risk and education provider, level of migration risk.As  Australian Immigration has a level of assessment under the Australian Qualification Framework, say for example if the student is enrolled in Vocational Education Training VET courses applicant should provide a minimum of 3 months bank history of the countries that is under assessment level 3. In the Philippines for this VET course it is assessment level 3 and the embassy has a particular note as to examine the least amount deposited within the 3 month period and add them to meet the financial funds, accepting sponsors are your close relatives only (1st degree). Whether the applicant includes the family member on his/her application or not, still applicant must provide the necessary financial computation to be included in his application either  the family member will accompany him or not or join him later in Australia. Accompanying partner or spouse of student visa holder can get the same work rights as that of the student visa holder to work part time in a flexible working hours of 40 hours per fortnight once the course commence in Australia.

Enrolling with a higher education in Australia poses lower migration risk, therefore the bank history is not needed to apply for student visa for as long as the student can demonstrate that the funds is genuinely available to him however computation on maintenance funds is likely to be met by the student.

Update for March of 2017

With the changes from July 1, 2016, all student visa application for Australia will need only to complete  an online application subclass 500, the online tool for  student visa (under subclass 500) will be available on March 31, 2017, which will help the prospective student understand the ‘ English requirement and Financial funds’ needed to study in Australia and other relevant documents in compliance when applying for  a student visa in Australia under the  Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF).

From 1 July 2016, the 12 month living cost will be:
Student/guardian – AUD 19,830
Partner/spouse – AUD 6,940
Child – AUD 2,970
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