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A temporary visa in Australia for the purpose of staying in Australia as a tourist in Australia  that is temporary in nature, when applying for a tourist visa in Australia an applicant must have a genuine intention to stay temporary in Australia whether  you are invited by your sponsor to visit Australia for the intention of visiting your  family, friends, spending holidays or recreational activities in Australia as a tourist visa would allow you to such and able to stay in Australia from 3 months to 12 months respectively.

This type of application ensures the applicant to return in his/her home country when the visa expires  and should not remain in Australia, also when applying to this type of visa in Australia immigration officer could easily identify the integrity of the documents in nature and once they found out that there are fraud in the documents and the intention to visit, you are unlikely will not get the visa approval. The temporary resident visa application must demonstrate that he/she can support his visit while in Australia financially like: travel cost, living cost, proof of accommodation and a strong evidence of returning from his country of residence to ensure that at the end of the visit will leave Australia and not to remain there as per conditions in granting this type of tourist visa in Australia. If you want to be assisted to on this type of application please contact Visa Online Assistance. Check out our approval for tourist visa in Australia

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