How to Avoid Refusal for your Residence Permit to Study in Denmark

For non- EEA National


If you are non- EEA National and wishing to study in Denmark, you would need to apply for a residence permit at Danish Immigration Authority, but before that you must have been accepted to any of registered institutions. The applicant’s for a residence permit would require both the student and institution to provide certain information when completing an ‘application’.  Here are some helpful tips to avoid your residence permit application be refused:


  • If you cannot justify your purpose in view of your propose of studies in Denmark. Mostly, having an offer of admission to registered institution from the government of Denmark to study, does not constitute equal approval of your study residence permit. Danish Immigration Authority would check the genuineness of the purpose you sought to enter to Denmark, in relation to your existing education or qualification and working experience and other circumstances of the applicant(s), who’s applying for a residence permit to study in Denmark. If there is a presumption that it is likely the applicant is not truthful to study in Denmark – application will be refused.


  • If you have been accepted to the propose course program to  undertake, but  no clear statement on  your submission as to why you need to take this course in Denmark, and etc., though,  no requirement  for this “letter of purpose/statement of purpose ”  in regard to your application  for study permit in Denmark  –   however your study plan must be   credible and realistic , to  influence the case officer handling your application, to grant you a residence permit to study in Denmark,  as per section 9i(1)  of the Danish Aliens Act, as in the overall assessment  of your   application in general, for coming – up with the decision is solely self – discretionary of the case officer of Danish Immigration Authority.


  • If they found out from the information and supplemental documents on support to your application for a residence permit to study in Denmark, has inaccurate, fraud or fabricated and non – verifiable supporting documents, and were supplied for the purpose only of applying for a residence permit to study or work in Denmark.


  • When you have had previously studied or visited in   any of the Schengen countries and if, you are unable to complete your studies nor meet  its visa conditions, or if you fall to the category of inadmissible on the basis of its general visa refusal for Denmark (whichever may apply) , your residence permit to study in Denmark may be refused.


  • If the applicant (student) had previously applied for family reunification in Denmark and in the event it was refused. Thereafter, the applicant applies for a residence permit to study in Denmark – Danish Immigration Authority, would also consider to weigh-in your previous refused ‘family reunification’ application to determine, as to whether an applicant is using a  ‘study permit’ for the purpose of entering and joining your family member in Denmark -but not on a clearer picture of genuine purpose to obtain an education or qualification in Denmark, but this may differ on a case to case basis depending on the individual circumstances of the applicant.


  • If you enrolled toan institution in Denmark, [previously]   or to other Schengen Institution and you [student] have a record of non- compliance to complete your studies and abuse on your residence permit.


  • If there is no document which would confirm, that you are able to communicate or understand the medium of language use in Denmark, for the institution you have enrolled in.


  • When proof of means to supports your studies in Denmark were provided as a pro- rated monthly amount of (2017 level) in DKK 6,015 to your application – but no document(s) or credible sources to deem its sources are genuine. And obviously if the money on your bank account is inflated (sharp increase) before the submission of your application for a residence permit to study in Denmark.


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