Canada Visa Online Application has started to contrivance the use of express entry system application for migrants who want to live, work and settle in Canada.  This could be the fastest way of getting the right candidate to contribute to the growing demands of skilled migration all over the region in Canada. The country is the second world’s largest land by territory and compromising 10 regions and 3 territories , Canada is known for its liberty, transparency, well-structured government policies and world’s second richest country in terms of economy where major contribution to the global economy which  recognized and indexed by several global rankings among to mention that Canada immigration is changing as to invite a potential immigrant that has a skills, qualification, work experience, English ability skills and aptitude to settle in Canada.

There are many reasons why immigrants choose to apply for federal skilled migration class program in Canada for permanent resident it is given that the ageing population is unstoppable!In any countries but for Canada it is likely to have an urgent requirements to leverage the way they attract skilled migrants to participate in their labor work force as we all noticed that previous list of eligible occupation has double up from its previous allocated number of cap  recently and express entry in Canada will help to meet this gaps.  The country has a short of human resources to participate to different industry sector to fill the position but with the implementation of express entry, the government of Canada, immigration and estate provinces could easily select which one among potential immigrants can be invited through its selection factors which poses the highest score for the invitation to apply for permanent resident visa in Canada.

Canada is rated as a well educated country in the world providing a high qualify of education in a global sphere of education industry where most of the international students are coming from Asia, Europe and Africa it arises merely because the tuition and cost of living in Canada is not that expensive to the international students to study and apply for the study permit in Canadamore opportunity awaits for the students after completing their studies like the Canadian Experience Class or a provincial nominee program PNP, which may leads to permanent resident in Canada.  The trans formative concept of study permit in Canada now allows the student to work part time without securing the work permit in Canada Immigration.