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Canada still among the list of Skilled Immigrant to apply for a permanent residency, under the federal skilled worker class category of Canada immigration. In most recent reform of immigration application via express entry online application.To qualify under this FSW category qualification, skills must be listed as an eligible occupation in Canada and be able to meet the passing mark of 67 points to apply for a permanent resident under federal skilled worker category. It is a mandatory requirement that the  educational  qualification must be  assessed  by the assessing authority in Canada  to claim points against the qualification.

After completing the express entry online application, immigration will rank the highest score to compete with others and choose to give an invitation to apply for permanent resident in Canada.  The selection of  online visa application for permanent resident in Canada  depends on how you have earned your points and evidence of the documents being presented, as  the applicant have only two (2) months to apply after giving an invitation. The express entry application is able to access by the state territories in Canada, immigration and Canadian employers through their online tools. If in case, Canadian employers are unable to fill the position from their locals- they will match the skills needed and access the pool for the possible selection of candidates and be able to give an invitation to the applicant, in less than six months can obtain the permanent resident in Canada. When the application remains in the pool for twelve (12) months, and unable to get an invitation, automatically it withdraws from the pool. An applicant under the federal skilled worker program may re- apply another application to give it another try.

Make your application ready for federal skilled worker class program for permanent resident visa in Canada we’re giving free assessment and consultation.