Permanent Resident in Canada

The potential immigrant for this type of an electronic application of Canada’s express entry  will just need to create a profile and secure a  job seeker’s account. There is no need to pay in making an express entry profile account so as completing your job seeker’s account in Canada’s job bank. Express Entry also does not have any list of eligible occupation  and number of capped to follow though the working experience of the applicant should fall into Canada’s NOC O, A & B to qualify. But it is recommended to have your qualification be assessed first in applying for the migration program of Canada and provide the English skills, as later  to your application CIC  ranks the highest points through their comprehensive ranking pointing system.

Provincial Nominee Program

The applicant may either search which ever the territories he/she may have a greater chance of being nominated. It is noted that Provincial Territories  could access the Express Entry to look for a potential candidate to select for the PNP nomination. The applicant  can choose to  complete first the online express entry application and later applies for the provincial nomination application or apply first for the PNP application and later complete the online express entry application, this is the client discretion whichever comes first.

Canadian Employers

If your application is in the pool and you want to have a job offer from a certain Canadian Employer,please note that employers will first look the candidate from its local e.,g Canadian Citizen and its Permanent resident and later if they are unable to find, they will access the job bank for such applicants which they might choose to fill the position and provide the job offer with LMIA. Those TFW already in Canada may also apply for the express entry for migration. Contact Visa Online Assistance for FREE resource of information for Canada Express Entry.


Disclaimer: Visa online Assistance DO not arrange a job offer.