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busThis type of visa  Temporary Resident Visa in Canada is only for a temporary entry in Canada for the purpose of tourism, visit family and friends or a business trip, this can be done via online visa application from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. A temporary resident visa is either a single entry or multiple entries. Application for Temporary Resident Visa in Canada may apply from the  online application portal of CIC website, applicant needs only to complete the information online and provide ,upload the requirements and pay the appropriate fee online as well. You will not be granted  this type of   visa if your purpose is to work and remain in Canada – otherwise if you do so have to apply to such visa but not as a Temporary Resident Visa or Tourist visa in Canada, the case officer could easily refuse your application therefore only genuine and clear purpose with support of evidence of documents on your return incentives is what matters most a part from the proof that you can support yourself while you are in Canada financially.

It is essential to note that  holder of  Temporary Resident Visa does not necessarily means you have the right to enter in Canada if Citizenship and Immigration Canada Officer at the Canadian Port of Entry will concede the guest into Canada,at the Port of Entry, all visitors must demonstrate that the reason for their visit to Canada is temporary in nature. Citizenship and Immigration Canada Officers at the Port of Entry will deny admission to all persons who, as they would see it don’t plan to leave Canada at the expiry of Temporary Resident Visa  status in Canada. Want to know more?Contact Visa Online Assistance for more information.