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Spouse Immigrant Visa

How to petition your  spouse as immigrant in the U.S.?  This type of visa is for the married spouse of a U.S. citizen, wherein a marriage took  place outside the land soil of the United States, one may qualify to apply for an  immigrant visa (IR1 or

Marriage Visa in Ireland

Marriage, Civil Partnership Visa  This type of visa only qualifies the applicant if he or she has received an  acknowledgement of their registration, which confirms the notification to  marry and enter into a civil partnership in Ireland; among other eligibility  criteria must be met to qualify. The


 STUDENT VISA INTERVIEWS THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW Interview is the vital part of the student visa application knowing what's in and what's out on your student visa application interviews gives you a snippet preview after all completing the required documents,completion of an-online  or manual application. This is

Student Visa in Australia

STUDENT VISA IN AUSTRALIA Australian Education has a strong reputation in providing quality education. It is rated as “World Leader in Innovations” and universities in Australia ranked among top 100 universities worldwide.  A guideline of Genuine Temporary Entrant GTE helps immigration officer to distinguish the applicant on a

Tourist Visa in Australia

TOURIST VISA IN AUSTRALIA A temporary visa for the purpose of staying in Australia as a tourist visa in Australia  that is temporary in nature, when applying for a tourist visa in Australia an applicant must have a genuine intention to stay temporary in Australia whether  you

Student Visa in the UK

STUDENT VISA IN THE UK (Tier 2 General Student Visa) International student in the UK may able to get the Tier 4 (General) student visa if they are enrolled in a Highly Trusted Sponsor and UK recognized institution that has a licensed sponsor for  the tier 4