The requirements for the child, step-child application for dependent visa for Australia is similar as that to those dependent child’s below 18- year-old, however, because the child’s age is over 18, and considered as an ‘adult’,  Australian Immigration has an additional requirements to meet for them to qualify  to apply as [child, step-child] dependent (s)  of the sponsor in Australia.


  • under 25 years of age (not yet turned 25);
  • financially dependent on the sponsoring parent ;
  • a full-time student ; and
  • unmarried, not engaged to be married and not in a de facto partnership relationship

It is recommendable as per policy of the DIAC to have a dependent child, must be currently enrolled, participating or studying in a full-time post secondary course which will lead to a professional trade or vocational qualification at that time they submitted their application for visa and that the child should not be working as a full-time – to be considered as full-time student under the requirements above.

The burden of proof is to demonstrate clear evidence of ‘dependency’ of sponsored child, step-child to his/her parents in Australia, as such for the whole reliant of the dependent(s) for food, shelter and clothing; because no other person(s) could provide for him/her except, his/her parents, initially DIAC would like to see this evidence of dependency for a period of 12 months as part of determining the dependency of the dependent child’s to his sponsor hence,  for providing the basic needs, necessities or financial support to sustain the well being of the dependent(s) child.

In some circumstances, wherein the sponsored child is not working by that time they have applied for a dependent visa for Australia, it may have been hard to get the chances for  the approval of dependent child visa application [ depending on the individual circumstances on a case to case basis] for this category; age over 18 or has turned 23 , unless, the child, step- child has sort of ‘disability’, which prevents, restricts or limits him to work and as a result, s (he) is relying for the financial support provided by his sponsoring parent, under paragraph 1.05A(1)(b) of the regulations,   “incapacitated for work due to the total or partial loss of the first person’s bodily or mental functions”.

In the Child Migration Booklet, the definition of disability means that the child has total or partial loss of his or her bodily or mental functions. Acceptable medical evidence must be provided to show that the child has such a disability and they are unable to financially support them self because of it. While, disability has a broader definition under the Australian law,  but remember, whatever may have a child a conditions for disability, they still have to meet Australian Health Requirements, given that they do have this disability when applying for a dependent child visa for Australia – as we may know, disability comes with different types and categories, depending on the individual cases of the child, step-child conditions, when supplying medical papers in support of theirs application, for the dependent child visa over 18-years old.

(Source: Child Migration Booklet)

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