Family Reunification for Non- EEA national

Spouse Sponsorship In Ireland

 If you are married, having a civil partnership with an Irish Citizen or Non-EEA national/ resident, an  eligibility criteria is in place to assess your application for the purpose of family reunification in  Ireland, such as the genuineness of a relationship, a financial means to support your family member,  a guarantee of accommodation are among the factors to be considered when evaluating the  application, apart from other necessary examination whereby, the immigration officer will conduct with this type of application.

The integration of family reunification in Ireland does not meaningfully implied, to assess wholly on the basis of financial assessment of the sponsor, however, it is part of the eligibility requirement, whether it is reasonable enough that the sponsor has the financial resources to demonstrate his eligibility that may vary according to the degree of factual circumstances of the sponsor. In addition, the sponsored family member and the sponsor should not rely on the state benefits in future- it is the duty and responsibility of the sponsor to fulfil  his mandatory obligation to support and  his/her family member in Ireland, if they do have a permission to come and live with the sponsor in Ireland.

The Immigration system in Ireland has this policy to meet in terms of the relationship duration for them to qualify and establish the eligibility to apply for family reunification such as:

  • For marriage couple, civil partnership, no minimum duration of the marriage will be required, in other words, if you are just recently gotten married, or has been married in a couple of months, six (6) months or more, with your sponsor, you may eligible to apply for family reunification as the spouse/partner of the Irish citizen. Though, marriage alone does not confer an automatic right or an alternative to obtain an immigration status in Ireland, as it will be assessed, evaluate and examine against its criteria of immigration policy in Ireland.
  • And a minimum of two (2) years of relationship or cohabitation for de facto relationships (heterosexual or same sex) before the applicant may apply to qualify on the basis of years of duration in relation to family reunification.

On the other hand currently, there is no particular duration of residency for non- EEA national to sponsor a family member and to someone seeking to join his/her family member in Ireland, except those on a work permit holders from visa required countries – they could only apply for family reunification on the basis of the duration or residency in Ireland after one year. The sponsor and family member must be mindful that such standard of minimum duration, is one of the eligibility criteria to meet and other factors are to consider in particular the financial condition, when sponsoring a family member in Ireland.

What is the Income threshold requirement to meet by the sponsor?

The income level may vary from the sponsor’s status and the number of family member, which every sponsor, non- EEA resident include in their family reunification application. If the sponsor is an Irish citizen ,the  gross income must over the three year period prior to application have earned a cumulative gross income over and above any State benefits of not less than €40000   AND 30,000 Euro for non- EEA sponsor, in the event that the sponsor has unable to meet the prescribed income requirement due to thresholds’ income short fall, one may also present a declared and verified savings of the applicant or sponsor as this will consider in assessing your application on the basis solely on financial requirement.

What are the most common grounds of refusal for Family reunification?

  • If the  sponsored person is a risk to public policy, public security and health.
  • If a family member has committed any criminal offence
  • If the financial criteria (level of income) has not met, or where there is no uncertainty of future income
  • If based on the informations and documents supplied by the family member (applicant) and the sponsor, that there are probable  doubt on their commitment might not be met.
  • If misrepresentation occurred, inconsistencies of the information, or fraudulent documents.
  • Previous immigration history of the applicant or sponsor (weight of violation and offence)
  • Unable to demonstrate the relationship is genuine and subsisting,
  • If the relationship or marriage is used to acquire only for the immigration status of the sponsored person, in relation to section 138 marriage of convenience of Immigration Residence and Protection bill in Ireland
  • Other factors which may deem appropriate to refuse the application

The spouse, civil partnership family reunification application is through online at Irish International Naturalisation and Immigration Service, expect to have the application be processed from Six (6) month for an Irish sponsor  and  12 month  for non- EEA national/resident.  Contact Visa Online Assistance or send us an email at for more information.