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Tourist Visa in Ireland

         tourist If you intend to visit Ireland for holidays, vacations , or visit family and friends in a temporary basis  and stay not exceeding 90 day a tourist visa in Ireland is right visa you need to apply. Irish immigration when granting this type of visa to non European members who would want to visit Ireland for the purpose above, should able to provide the documents on how they will support financially  on their visit or if someone has invited  a reference letter  must include in the application. When assessing whether you will be granted for this type of visa it is important to supply evidence of your return incentives  in your country of origin, there is no specific amount that should be presented in your bank statement that is subsisting in the past six (6) months for the maintenance funds, however, individual circumstances is carefully assessed by the visa officer as to the regards on the decision whether to grant or to refuse your  Tourist Visa application in Ireland. Let Visa Online Assistance guide you with the online tourist visa application in Ireland.