Marriage Visa in New Zealand

Spouse Sponsorship in Canada Thinking about of getting married in New Zealand? One may apply for a temporary visa to  enter in New Zealand for the purpose of getting married with a New Zealand Citizen and Residence class visa holder. This type of visa is valid only within the 3 months period, and marriage must take place within such period of time upon, the principal applicant enters to New Zealand.  Both the sponsor and the principal applicant must be legally free to marry and its intention is genuine as to enter into a partnership category on a long term basis. The sponsor in New Zealand must not have any previous sponsored person for the partnership category or have not acted as partner in a successful application for a residence class visa in the 5 years immediately preceding the date of the current application is made; and in the last 7 years the sponsor has not involve to any domestic violence, sexual offence and able to meet the character requirement for the purpose of sponsoring application in this partnership application category.

Immigration New Zealand may only grant a visitor visa for a maximum of 3 months for the principal applicant intending to marry a New Zealand Citizen or Residence class holder in New Zealand in a condition that, when the principal applicant arrives in NZ, the couple will genuinely get married, and able to maintain the relationship as a married couple in a long term and exclusive basis. When the marriage took place in New Zealand, the holder of the visitor visa may be eligible to qualify to apply for a 12 month work visa on the basis of a partner or spouse of a New Zealand Citizen or Permanent residence class- they have to demonstrate that they are living together in a stable and durable relationship. In case, in the event where marriage had not happened within the 3 months period of time- holder of a visitor visa will leave New Zealand. Contact Visa Online Assistance for more information by sending an e-mail  at