Did you know that New Zealand Immigration has started the use of  expression of interest? Though, its population is nearly 5 million only!The country is situated near at east part of Australia across Tasman Sea. It was  first relocated by Maori a Citizen with the European descent and according to some historians Maori’s ancestors came from Polynesian people that originated from southeast Asia. New Zealand is the last land settled by humans  no wonder why New Zealand is regarded as the cleanest and with breathtaking beautiful sceneries of natural landscape. New Zealand Citizen also known as kiwis (local) who maintains its natural heritage in-spite of  the influx of different ethnicity which diversify New Zealand of what today’s the country is.

The expression of interest is designed to carefully select the right candidate for skilled migration that the labor market needs in New Zealand,through the selection of points criteria . The structure of expression of interest proves to be effective and neighboring countries like Australia and Canada has somehow adopted its context of attracting skilled migrant across the globe with their own version of expression of interest . Potential immigrants are pervasive about the details of such criteria as all the information can be accessed, read and downloaded from their respective government websites for their immigration program.