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 Skilled Migrant Category in New Zealand

New Zealand is a world – renowned destination for many of the skilled migrants across the world. It is also a top choice of Filipino skilled migrants to live, work permanently. Immigration New Zealand has this program skilled migrant category to attract more migrants to settle socially, economically and contribute to society. If you have the qualification and skills needed in New Zealand as listed in shortage lists, you too can be a potential immigrant through qualifying the point test criteria, where your qualification, age, experience, skills and other related factors are pointed accordingly.

Your first step is to have your points assessed to qualify and provide evidence of documents in claiming your points, this includes International Qualification Assessment (IQA) for your qualification to decide which NZQA level type, your work certificate in skilled employment among many others. It is important when applying for the skilled migrant category to find out exactly the points you have earned according to your circumstances and when decided, have to apply first for the Pre – Assessment Result (PAR) this is  an online application, the fee is 130 NZ$. When you are served with the PAR candidate may at once proceed with the expression of interest online application, where your biographical information, qualification, experience, skills and other information included in the application.

Your application will stay in the pool for six (6) months. Selection of applicants from the pool happens every second week of the month and they are giving an invitation to apply for those who have gained the highest score against the others. And when giving the invitation to apply for a permanent residence in New Zealand, you only have four (4) months to apply to such. However, should your application remain in the pool for six (6) months and unable to be invited, your application will automatically withdraw from the pool and applicant can re-apply again for another EOI application , which is quite similar in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

All EOI applications over 140 points are automatically selected and validity of information is assessed according to criteria and deemed points that is credible in level, then the applicant is issued an invitation to apply for Skilled Migration Category in New Zealand.