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  • Partner Visa in New ZealandIf your partner holds a New Zealand working visa, you may apply for the partner visa in New Zealand, this will allow you to qualify for an open work permit when approve – the validity of your visa is the same as the validity of your spouse’s visa. When applying for this type of visa you need to provide evidence of your relationship that is subsistence and genuine in nature as to determine the viability of your application  a big no for ‘marriage with convenience’. A work visa sponsor should provide the necessary documents for the eligibility requirements ,these documents must be certified by the ministry of justice in New Zealand a financial support must also be declared by the sponsor including accommodation, welfare of his/her fiance’ in New Zealand, to  stipulate a holder of a New Zealand working visa must able to demonstrate that he/she has a working visa in New Zealand for a minimum of six (6) months and provide evidence in support for the application of the partner and ensures that the relationship is genuine and unchanging. A dependent child of essential skills, work  visa may grant a visitor visa if the minimum income threshold requirement per annum has been met of NZ$ 35,294.60  and maintained wholly by the salary or wages otherwise, there is a  big chance of refusal of this type of visa if the applicant/sponsor are not able to meet the requirements listed in the guidelines for partner visa in New Zealand. Contact Visa Online Assistance to assist you with the documentation and completing the paper based application.