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Silver Fern VisaIf you have the qualification and skills needed in New Zealand with minimum of two (2) years working experience as a skilled in your field, 35 years old and below single or married, you too can get this silver fern visa in New Zealand  to look for a job, again this is an  online application and available places each year is 300 slots worldwide. If  you are interested in getting this type of visa make sure you have prepared early on for  your documents like having applied for the NZQA and check if you really a skilled worker  to qualify. New Zealand  immigration will soon be opening this online application by November of 2015, you can visit their website to see as to when they gonna open it again on a specific date and NZ time. NZQA assessment is a must when completing the online application therefore, assessment of your qualification and other documentation needed to apply for such visa, meet the English requirement for the principal applicant of  an IELTS level  of 6.5  on which immigration New Zealand  always announces from their website. This would also require you to have a maintenance fund of 4,200 NZ$ to cover your living cost,  to provide travel insurance  and medical examination when you are given an invitation to apply for silver fern visa in New Zealand. Visa Online Assistance can only assist you with the documentation and completing online application for your International Qualification Assessment.