Student Visa in New Zealand


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New Zealand Immigration has actualized the new managing of study visa application as to follow the Manila Positive Profiling that outlines the bonafide student to study in New Zealand. There should have  a clear and  consistent pathway of undertaking the propose study course program in New Zealand, student who are  taking level 5 qualification must have a progression to level 6 qualification in New Zealand to qualify for a job search visa, when completing Level 5 and Level 6 in New Zealand to look for a job after graduation. While for those who are studying   level 7 qualification when completing, it automatically qualifies for 12-month job search visa to look for a job in New Zealand. International student in New Zealand can work 20 hours per week and full-time  during breaks and holidays, partner and dependent of student visa holder in New Zealand may also join them on a visitor visa, unless the student is enrolled on a Level 8 qualification , Post graduate qualification, or will be undertaking a qualification that is listed on Appendix (4)  of long term skilled shortage list,then partner may apply for an open work permit in New Zealand.

Applying for this type of visa to study in New Zealand must provide the necessary evidence of documents as per outlined in the student visa guide, applicant must demonstrate that he/she possesses  the resources to cover the tuition cost, as stated on the letter of offer from provider in New Zealand, travel cost and living costs of NZ$ 15,000 per study year. It is also the discretion of the Immigration Officer to warrant if the maintenance funds of the student needs to transfer at ANZ bank in New Zealand when application is approved in principle apart from paying the  whole amount of tuition fee to the college in NZ to release the visa decision .Student when transferring the account in New Zealand bank would only be getting a monthly allowance of NZ$1,250 per month from his account to secure his welfare and the money is accessible to him while he/she is studying in New Zealand, this usually happens when immigration officer finds that fund is either way not available to him or if the sources on paper trail of the history of funds is likely unable to derive genuinely in regards to the application for student visa in New Zealand.  Visa Online Assistance has qualified Education Agent trained by New Zealand Education, contact us for more information at click here to check our Level 7 courses in New Zealand.