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Tourist VisaFor the purpose of  visiting family, friends in New Zealand other than sightseeing, spending holidays or for the purpose of social visits, you can get a tourist visa in New Zealand for as long as you meet the eligibility requirements and your purpose is to stay in New Zealand on a temporarily basis. An applicant for a tourist visa in New Zealand can get visa duration till nine (9) months, but this depends on the clear intent and travel plans to visit New Zealand. You are also to require and demonstrate that you have the resources to support yourself while staying in NZ in the amount of NZ$ 1000 per person/month and NZ$ 400 per person/month if accommodation has already paid for, the immigration officer will require you to provide proof of prepayment such as hotel prepaid vouchers. Certain conditions are attached to your tourist visa, as you  cannot work or study in New Zealand other than three (3) months (unless you are granted a student visa), but before you can get a tourist visa in New Zealand they will also check the integrity of your documents and your genuine intention really is to visit New Zealand in a temporary basis they can easily sight as you have an intention to work or remain in New Zealand based on your documents submitted to them , a phone interview may also be required if they think they are not satisfied with the documents you’ve provided with them or if they think you have unclear purpose to visit New Zealand, before they will come up with the final decision on your application regarding your tourist visa application in New Zealand,  a part from checking your previous immigration history known by the immigration . Holder of this tourist visa in New Zealand must keep within in New Zealand’s law  and  stay for the time you allowed on your visa to stay in New Zealand as tourist Visa. Contact Visa Online Assistance for more information.