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Fiace permit in NorwayThis type of fiance permit in Norway is an engagement permit to marry and live permanently in Norway. The sponsor for this type of application  must pass the income threshold for at least  (2017)  NOK 306,700 pre-tax, and both must be 18 -years-old above and supply proof of subsistence in the form of contract, pays slips and tax return. A prerequisite for the sponsor to provide information about marital status, housing, and information about plans to get married to his/her fiancé once the permit has been granted and marriage has taken place, the applicant may apply to the nearest police station for family reunification. Check out how to avoid visa or residence permit refusal for Norway. click here

The marriage should take place within 6 months, upon arriving to Norway and it can be renewed, to get or apply for a   residence card to join your spouse in Norway. In the event, that the marriage did not happened – applicant should return home and leave Norway.