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 Residence Permit in NorwayYou can only qualify for a Permanent Residence Permit in Norway if you have held a residence permit for three years or more.  If the applicant has travelled  in the last 3 years evidence of this documentation, i.e. Visa stamp entry and exit dates should clearly supply to his application, including the Norwegian Language Training, applicant for this type of permit must ascertain that he/she has not stayed outside Norway for more than seven months altogether. Unless, as specified for skilled worker in Norway who has worked outside in Norway for the past 3 years that is work related then, consideration to such is a must for as long as the applicant will supply evidence of documents e.g., letter from his/her employer.  When granting this permanent residence permit holder can reside and work in Norway indefinitely.

In the context that the applicant holds a family immigrant permit, the sponsor must supply list of travel in the past 3 years and has lived in Norway as stated in the regulations. While, in the event the applicant holds a permit for family immigration with a spouse / cohabitant, registered partner a statement from the sponsor that confirms the relationship does exist  and entails how long they have lived together in granting the permanent residence permit in Norway.

As of March 31, 2015, it is proposed to have held a residence permit of Five (5) years for a certain foreigner to qualify for permanent resident in Norway. Check out this TIPS when your visa or residence permit to Norway may be refused