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VCaregivers for Permanent Resident in Canadaisa Online Assistance can still assist you on your application for  new pathways to live in caregiver program for permanent resident in Canada though this type of an  application is through the paper manual application. The applicant would only need to download an application pack from the CIC website and complete the information so as the checklist and mail them to the CIC Office. To qualify in applying for a permanent resident under  this category for a migration in Canada, the applicant must have worked for 2 years in Canada within the last 4 months  as a live in caregiver which now has an option to live outside the premises of the Canadian Employer, demonstrate an English skills or CLB, a Canadian qualification or equivalent to foreign credential, and supply all the completed documents as per suggested on the checklist. Pathways are divided into 2 categories.The caregiver in Caring for People with High Medical Needs,  needs to have an English skills or CLB 7, if you gained work experience in Canada that require registration, for example, as Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse or Psychiatric Nurse with  a qualification that is equivalent  or equal to a  Canadian post-secondary education credential of at least one year. And if your work experience do not require registration to the regulatory body of Canada i.e., nursing aids, home support workers and other related occupations (except housekeepers), the  applicant must provide an English skills of CLB 5. While for the Caring for Children, this pathway does not require of living to your Employer to qualify but the qualification has similar to the above and its English skills to be at CLB 5. Both of these  2 pathway should able to meet the NOC job description in assessing caregivers work experience as specified.

It is not that long to wait now in obtaining your permanent resident application in Canada since CIC has made its changes to speed up the pathway application on your live in care program for caregivers in child care and people with high medical needs, so as the enhancement of benefits and choices to live and work with the Canadian employer or not. These 2 pathways ensure to process applications in six months time also CIC could accept 5500 applications each year, including its family member with this 2 route. If you want to be assisted in completing the forms, a list of documents to submit and criteria to qualify for the pathway to live in care program for permanent resident in Canada to submit among others contact Visa Online Assistance for more information.