Requirements Family reunification for non-EEA Citizen in Denmark

In Denmark, the requirements may differ if you are a spouse/partner of a national in Denmark in qualifying to apply on the basis of family reunification of non- EEA national.

The requirements are:

  • Age requirement – both of the spouse/partner must be 24 year old, if not, however a waiver could be granted if the spouse in Denmark lives on a certain circumstances of having been a protected person, seriously ill, looking after an underage children on his/her previous relationship, or working in the occupation as identified on a positive list, or employed in the State of Denmark which contribute to the country’s foreign policy and security.
  • The attachment requirement- This attachment requirement could be waived if the spouse has had a Danish Citizenship for more than 26 years or was and raised in Denmark and resided for more than 26 years. In the event whereby, the Immigration Service officer requires to demonstrate for both the ‘attachment requirement’ they may look to consider several factors that the attachment requirement has been met. While, initially the spouse/partner is required to show that indeed (s) he has lived, resided in Denmark for less than 12 years,  or it may reduced to certain provisions whereby, the spouse/partner in Denmark has integrated to Danish society to work or study in Denmark, in addition to this, the foreign spouse/partner (applicant) must have visited Denmark at least once on a visa stay or visa free-stay to be granted a residence. Furthermore, the attachment requirement may not be required and suspended if the spouse/partner is defining as stated in the above 1st
  • Integration declaration – They would need to sign a declaration for both the spouse and the applicant seeking to apply for family re-unification in Denmark and accompanying dependent children to have willingness to learning Danish and interaction to Danish society.
  • Pass the Danish language test – Within the six months of being granted a residence
  • The spouse/partner has not recourse, received public assistance in Denmark in the last 3 years, preceding the application
  • There should be an adequate accommodation for the applicant’s spouse/partner in Denmark
  • A financial guarantee of DKK  54,289.48 (2017 level)
  • The relationship is genuine and permanent, and that the sponsor (spouse/partner) in Denmark will take full responsibility to support the applicant  – If the couple is not married but cohabitating together, a prerequisite of 18 months living together in the same home address, unless a waiver may apply  for the 18 months living together on a special cases based on individual assessment for unmarried couples
  • A spouse in Denmark must not have been convicted a violence against child abuse, or violence against to his/her previous spouse or partner in Denmark within the 10 years, preceding the application for family reunification
  • You’re marriage is legally recognized by the rule of law in your country of resident where the marriage took place, and no suspicion nor indications whereby the marriage is ‘ existing’ for the purpose of obtaining a residence permit in Denmark.

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