SMC for Permanent Resident in Canada

Skilled Migrant Category Online Application Application for the expression of interest in New Zealand could be done in two options 1. Through paper based application and 2. Online expression of interest from the Immigration New Zealand website online application, but taking into account that we are  providing online visa assistance we recommend for you instead to apply online, where you need only to register an account, then select the type of visa you wish to apply for example skilled migrant category.

After you created an account the portal will bring you to  skilled migrant online service there you can find on the left side a  helpful information regarding points criteria, and other details on how to complete an expression of interest. This type of an online application of expression of interest  would probably take you about 2 hours to complete, depending on individual circumstances of the application say for example if you have a partner or children included in the application  and any additional points you are claiming for such should also be provided to your EOI.  As recommended before you complete your expression of interest online application make sure you have a enough points to qualify so INZ can put your application into the pool of expression of interest, as a rule they will give an invitation to apply only for those who get the highest points.

It is  important to note that the principal applicant for this type of application must have an IELTS of 6.5 or able to demonstrate that her or his degree was obtained using English as a medium of instructions used, and the same goes way with the  accompanying spouse or partner,  must provide an IELTS of 5.5 or an alternative to provide and demonstrate for such English skills criteria. In addition to this, when claiming the points for the qualification, you will need also to provide  an evidence that  your qualification is equivalent to New Zealand qualification, except if you are listed from the NZQA exempt of qualification assessment, you can visit the NZQA website to  find more information. The EOI online application is self directed  and self  explanatory according to the information and individual circumstances  on which you are to provide  in  your application.

When  completing an  online application  you will see  in the upper part of the screen  the  deem  points you are currently getting as it automatically computes whenever you are claiming for a certain point for a selection criteria where you can navigate the details and information to such. Make sure to  fill out the information correctly and double check if necessary,  as this would be the  basis in giving you an invitation to apply. There is also a  page section where you need to write  your claim about ‘skilled employment’ as part in completing your EOI application which is the integral part of determining whether you have the skills needed in New Zealand. You can always view and edit and re check your expression of interest before finalizing it,  and before you head on to click on payment and submission. Please be mindful that the invitation to apply for permanent resident in  New Zealand through this expression of interest is solely based on the information you have  accounted  and provided online  and once you receive an invitation to apply for  permanent resident in New Zealand through the expression of interest, please note that you can no longer edit or modify your EOI online application.  Send us an e-mail to for questions regarding the eligibility criteria in qualifying for SMC application in New Zealand at  for more information.