Short Stay Visa in Spain 

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Spain is a member of  Schengen countries in Europe, therefore when an individual applies for a short stay visa in Spain as a  tourist they can also travel free in the other Schengen area, it is because of Schengen Agreement made by the European Union member states. Holder of this short term visa may stay up to 90 days in Spain.

In most recent decision made by  European Commission last Sept of 2014 regarding the implementation  on how the applicant can  establish the  supporting documents in applying  for a short term visa application from Café Verde, Kenya and the Philippines  has made more in detailed when presenting the integrity of the documents and its purpose to travel in Spain so as the other Schengen country in Europe. The declaration made  of such supporting documents is part of the assessment to harmonize the list of documents, the application for a short term visa application and its list of supporting documents which is subject to the individual circumstances of an applicant and a discretion of the consulate office to waive the requirement to submit one or more of the  listed  documents on an individual  basis depending on the integrity and reliability when the application is being examined.

The Applicant would need only to download the Schengen application form, fill out the information needed and print it, and affix your  signature along with the  list of documents to be included in your  application  and later  set an appointment to submit and pay the visa fee at the Spain Embassy in applying for a short stay  visa in Spain, contact Visa Online Assistance if you need more information regarding the documents you need to submit.