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spainIf you intend to study in Spain to attend a course of study program or training  you must have been accepted from a college, training provider that is recognized Institution in Spain and provide you with the certificate in the phase of “Letter of Acceptance”. To apply for the study visa (type D) at Spain consulate office and meet the requirements to be able to get your visa approve including medical examinations, medical insurance  proof of your accommodation and means of your financial capability to support your application, (sponsors may also provide this on your behalf), you can also include to your application your spouse or any accompanying family member however , spouse or partner of a principal student visa holder in Spain is not allowed to work and  length of their visa to stay in Spain is same as the duration of the principal holder of study visa.

When arriving in Spain within 30 days of arrival have to obtain the residence card or a Foreigner Identity Card (TIE) from your local police station as an international student to study in Spain. Holder of study visa in Spain may take up part time work 20 hours per week and able to renew it 30 days or 60 days before the expiration. Contact Visa Online Assistance on how to find a course in exciting location to study in Spain such as in Salamanca Madrid, Barcelona and in Oviedo Asturias Spain.