Spain  could be another country destination of an international students to study and work  since there are colleges and universities where English is the medium of instructions used to deliver a course program. The cost of living in Spain is  a lot affordable other than a member of Schengen countries in Europe. Besides Spanish language is often popular in  Canada, Morocco, United States and in the Philippines as there are thousands of Spanish words that is written in English.

When we think about Spain would’ve definitely been  thinking about  2 cities which are  acclaimed by many of the tourists in Madrid and Barcelona. The Madrid, which is the capital of Spain  is a combination of modern and old immersion of architectural designs  that fascinate the tourists and students to stay in this majestic city. While in Barcelona,  the stunning eccentric  activity is exceptional  and its  dynamic features of these 2 cities entice the tourists to experience living in Spain on temporary or permanent.

The qualification you will be getting in Spain also recognizes by other Schengen estates, in addition to this  while studying you have an option to work part time as an international students all  you have to do is to register as a holder of a   residence permit to study in Spain when arriving  to qualify for such part time permission to work.