Spousal visa or Partner Visa Sponsorship for PR in Canada

Spouse Sponsorship in Canada If you wish to apply your spouse, partner and dependent children  through a Family Class Sponsorship.  An eligible sponsor  must meet a certain criteria to qualify such us he or she is willing to provide the sponsorship  undertaking, and has not convicted under a criminal code in Canada and has not convicted any  offence, crime outside Canada. Preferably the sponsor must not have any debt or bankruptcy – and has not recently sponsored a spouse or partner for this type of application and the relationship is genuine and subsisting. There may other conditions to meet if the sponsor resides in the province of Quebec.

There are 2 stages for this type of an application. Stage one the sponsor will apply for his or her sponsorship of application to sponsor a certain spouse or partner in Canada – the burden of proof for stage 1 to get the approval usually is from the evidence of  documents being presented and submitted by the sponsor to CIC while for stage 2 the spouse (beneficiary) will also apply for a permanent resident in Canada under this category however, please bear in mind that all the  completed forms  documents and requirements of both the sponsor and sponsoring spouse/partner should be submitted at the same time at CPC- when the sponsor applies for sponsorship.

They should provide tons of evidence as to regard that their relationship is genuine and subsisting – otherwise if the case officer finds it not genuine it may cause your application to be refused. The case officer will then proceed with the stage 2 – after say the sponsor in Canada has been approved, they will thoroughly check all the completed forms and documents being submitted by the spouse or partner of the sponsor in Canada. In most recent changes of Canada’s  Immigration, the expected duration for you to  receive a decision for this type of an application to  process a spouse/partner sponsorship application as indicated at CIC table is now about 17 month to process a completed application package.

It is likely a prudent exercise to prepare exactly what the documents and forms are to complete as CIC has a specific instructions for countries applying for this type of spouse or partner sponsorship in Canada. If you wish to be assisted and guided on what forms and a complete list of requirements to submit contact Visa Online Assistance or send us an email at info@visaonlineassistance.com for more information.