We sponsor 12-18 year old who come to the U.S. to study at private high schools and live with America host families.The intl. student needs to fill out our program application forms (less than 2 hours) and school application form if necessary. The intl. student needs to have the willingness to come to live with a host family and study at the private high school in the US for one year minimum.

There are many advantages for students to begin their educational studies in the U.S. at the high school level.  This is the basis for the USA Program slogan in which we state that we are “Stepping in to the Future” with our intl. students! By beginning at the high school level, some of the great benefits that we can share with our prospective students are:

 When a student comes to study in the U.S. at the high school level, they become very familiar with the American culture by living with the American host family, they learn the English language well, they understand the American community and lifestyle, and they understand the educational system by attending daily classes. They are better equipped and prepared for being accepted at the University of their choice.

Some of the great advantages of private schools over public schools are that private schools offer a better overall educational experience, a smaller number of students per class, more one on one learning, a more intense concentration on University preparation and acceptance, and the issuance of the F-1 Visa (which is valid for up to 12 years) instead of the J-1 Visa (which is only valid for only 10 months and a one-time stay).

The F-1 Visa is good for up to 12 years, as long as the intl. student is studying at approved SEVIS schools. The 12 years on the F-1 Visa could include up to four years of high school, PLUS up to four years for a University Degree, PLUS up to two years for a Master’s Degree, PLUS up to two years for a PH.D.

The international student who has graduated from an American private high school with the U.S. high school’s diploma has a better chance of acceptance to the University of his/her choice than an intl. student applying from overseas (overseas, the tuition would be higher, more complicated and lengthy application forms, and more competition). In American high schools, students begin preparing and counseling for applying to Universities when they are Juniors (11th grade), and Private high school counselors have experience and connections with American Universities that help students who are applying to them. Additionally, Private high schools offer classes with University credit that can be transferred to the University on the students’ behalf. An intl. student who works hard at the American high school level and graduates with high scores could receive a full scholarship to the University of choice (which many of our USA Program participants have done), meaning they could attend the University tuition free.

Overall, the financial breakdown will show that the intl. student who comes to the U.S. to study at the private high school level will save money due to getting accepted into the University with a U.S. diploma, chances for scholarships, and better language and cultural involvement and adjustment.

Below, you will find the financial breakdown and responsibilities for the Natural Parents/Intl. Student while participating in the USA Program:

1)     The USA Program fee for our “exceptional services” is only US$ 6,000.00. Our “exceptional services” include the following:

 ·         Intl. student placement (acceptance and enrollment) at the private high school of their choice

·         One week orientation meeting in DFW (Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas) area. All expenses paid (hotel, local                          transportation, meals, classroom materials, training, and touring)

·         Medical and hospitalization insurance (covers up to US$ 25,000.00 with a US$ 100.00 deductible)

·         Secured host family prior to the intl. students arrival in the U.S.

·         24 hour assistance/support (locally and from our Texas Directors) through our toll free phone numbers

·         Monthly evaluation reports for the natural parents to review

2)   The Private High School of the intl. student’s choice (region, state, city, and budget).

·         The Private High School tuition/fees range from US$ 9,000.00 to US$ 29,000.00.

·         We will obtain the acceptance letter from the private high school and the I-20 form (F-1 intl. student Visa).

·       The school tuition/fees include: application, registration, enrollment, processing, yearly tuition, intl. fee, and ESL           program (if applicable).

·         Not included: Uniforms, books, lunch, transportation, pictures, graduation, sports, lab, art, travel, etc.

 3)   The Host Family Stipend

 ·    The USA Program collects upfront the yearly host family stipend from the natural parents. The yearly (10                    month) stipend can range from US$ 4,000.00 to US$ 12,000.00. It depends on the location in the USA.

·    The USA Program will issue a monthly check for the host family allowance (stipend) which helps cover their extra household expenses (groceries, electricity, water, etc.).The stipend is not a form of payment to the host family for hosting, but it is to help cover their additional monthly expenses.

4)   Personal Spending Money

 The intl. student should have extra money (cash or credit card) to cover any expenses while they are in the USA. The amount varies for each student, but no more than US$ 2,000.00 per year for each intl. student per year. That should cover:

·         Phone calls, cellphone + monthly bills, etc., internet

·         Entertainment, Eating out

·         Personal hygiene items, clothing, gifts, etc.

·         Private High School – lunch, uniforms, books, tutoring (if necessary), graduation fees, pictures, etc.

·         Travel expenses – International and domestic ticket purchase(s) and any fees charged by the airlines (excessive           bags, weight or size, change, upgrade, etc.)

·         Medical expenses: co-pay and any extra expense (beyond insurance coverage by USA Program)

 As you can see, for those who can afford it, this is the best financial investment into your clients’ children’s educational future.