Norway Immigration has its own acts and regulations to follow in assessing your application for visa or residence permit. Visa Online Assistance have summarized & interpreted some of the helpful tips to avoid refusal or rejection of your application in relation to Chapter 2 Visa, entry and exit control and rejection, etc. of the act.

 A). Visa as tourist, visit family or Schengen Visa


  1. If you submitted invalid passport and fraud documents
  2. If you cannot elucidate your purpose of stay in Norway
  3. If you have no sufficient financial resources to cover your purpose of trip, travel medical insurance, accommodation (unless provided by the host ) for Norway and or, to other Schengen country- Schengen Visa pursuant to section 10 of the immigration act
  4. If you have  a criminal record or previous adverse of immigration from other Schengen member state, Nordic countries
  5. If you have issues about your health, more particularly if you have a  mental disorder
  6. If you pose as risk for national security, public health, public order or international relations of Norway or another Schengen country.
  7. If you cannot demonstrate or establish that you will return home after your visa or permit expires (for Schengen visa, student permit )
  8. If you are alerted or registered to Schengen Information System II –database
  9. If there is a doubt that you do not intend to leave Norway or Schengen states before the expiration  of your visa – and conditions is unlikely to be met
  10. If you have not completely submitted the checklist of documents as to particular visa or residence permit you are applying with
  11. If you do not provide a written explanation, if incase the docs is not possibly obtainable or unattainable

B.) Family Immigration

  1. If you are unable to meet the new ‘income requirement for family immigration for sponsor which is in effect as of May 9, 2017 , a pre-tax of NOK 306,700 – (exemption for the documentation of ‘future income’ applies as per   Amendments to the Immigration Regulations (subsistence – raising the pay grade 24 and changed exemption
  2. If you are not both 24- years- old as per January 1, 2017 ‘age requirements’ for spouse and cohabitating partners – exemption only applies for spouse/cohabitating partners, if they can prove the relationship is genuine and no indications or whatsoever of ‘marriage of convenience’
  3. If you are contracting a marriage and either one of you is not legally free to marry – see Section 40 Residence Permit in order  contract  a marriage
  4. A residence permit may be refused if it appears most likely that the main purpose of contracting the marriage has been to establish a basis for residence in the realm for the applicant.
  5. Finally, If you do not meet the criteria of the acts and regulations in relation to the type of visa or residence permit you intend to apply


In the event if your application has been refused, within 3 weeks of receiving your refusal letter, you can make a necessary appeal, send us an e-mail at . Contact Visa Online Assistance for your visa or residence permits application assistance or if you had a refused visa or residence permit, and wanting to reapply click here