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fianceThis Fiance Visa in the UK is  similar to the marriage couples’ joining in the UK.  It is a six (6 month visa that allows fiancé of a UK citizen to enter the UK for the purpose of marriage within the period of six (6) months  upon arrival in the UK, however certain extension may apply for some compelling reasons to delay the marriage. Holder of this fiancé visa in the UK is not permitted to work. You and your fiancé must provide evidence of a relationship, proof of maintenance funds  for the sponsor and details of accommodation in the UK without the need to access the public funds before and after getting married and your intention is to live together permanently with your future spouse after getting married in the UK. The Documentation about how the relationship has started, how they met, and how they plan to get married in the UK and so on, are some of the essential requirements in providing the documentation to prove that the relationship is really existing and not for the purpose of ‘ marriage convenience‘.

Notably, the sponsor must also meet the income threshold requirement to sponsor his or her fiancé that is equivalent to £ 18,600 per annum and additional £3,800 for the dependent children under the age of 18 to settle in the UK if applicable to qualify to apply for UK fiance Visa. Find out what are the list of documents you need to prepare contact Visa Online assistance.