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touristYou can apply for a tourist visa in the UK if your intention is to visit the UK for leisure and as a tourist in a specific period of time. If you are also visiting a family member (family visit visa) or friends in the UK,  whom are not currently holding a permanent residence in the UK. The applicant can expect to process of receiving a decision in less than 3 weeks and able to stay in the UK for 3 months up to six months. Evidently, when applying for a tourist visa in the UK you have to provide evidence of documents to support yourself during your trip e.g., bank statement and payslips for the last six (6) months and details about where you intend to stay, (accommodation) travel plans  and leave the UK at the end of  your visit. A general Visitor visa can be extended in the UK if the applicant meets the condition of the regulations and it could be refused if the applicant didn’t meet the condition of requirements in extending a tourist visa in the UK. Please contact Visa Online Assistance for more information.