Visa Refusal in Denmark

Denmark Green Card SchemeWhen someone applies for a visa or residence permit in Denmark, all the process, fees and requirements and submission of application are often found on the website of Denmark’s Embassy near to your country of resident. But how do we know, if the likelihood that our application receives a greater certainty of approval or how we would able to avoid the visa refusal or residence permit in Denmark?

In the context of as to whether your application may be subject to refusal, we have compiled some of the most or should we say major grounds for refusal application in Denmark. Though, having a familiarity and understanding  with the guidelines of the immigration authorities (Case Officer)  and Aliens’ Acts information  – may increases, the chance  of the approval of  your application.

  1. If the applicant applying for the entry permit in Denmark is deemed a danger to the public on the grounds of national security and safety, health.
  2. If there is a record of convictions abroad and record of the expulsion
  3. If the applicant is subject to the alert of Schengen Information System (SIS II)
  4. If the applicant indicates a communicable disease or when the applicant suffers mental disorder, which could be harmful to others and surroundings
  5. If fraudulent documents are submitted and sought by the Danish Immigration Service
  6. When the applicant has no means or enough maintenance funds in Denmark to support himself and unable to demonstrate that funding is obtained in a lawful manner, when seeking to apply as a tourist or as international students.  Check our Free 10 Tips to when Schengen visa may refuse 
  7. If in the opinion of the officer, where the conditions of the visa may not be observed or followed by the applicant
  8. When additional documents are requested and the applicant fails to comply, the visa may be refused
  9. If there’s a false declaration, misleading information provided in their application
  10. When no enough evidence of ties for the person living in Denmark, where an applicant claims to his/her application for the purpose of seeking a residence permit
  11. When an applicant fails to meet the required points to qualify under the Green Card Scheme
  12. Lack of proof to show their ties in their home country of residence to return
  13. No clear and genuine purpose as to why the applicant seeks to enter into Denmark, such as details and information as to why he/she needs to visit Denmark
  14. If the application indicates the marriage of convenience for the purpose of seeking to enter and remain in Denmark
  15. If the applicant fails to meet  to demonstrate close ties  in Denmark when applying for family reunification as spouse/partner
  16. When the candidate is applying under the Free Movement of EU directive and unable to demonstrate that he/she is a genuine beneficiary of the directive, click here for our 3 steps reapplication to a refused visa/permit.

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A disclaimer: This does not constitute legal advice,and when your application in Denmark has been rejected, the notice may indicate whether you are to allow to make an appeal on the decision at the Danish Immigration Service