B1, B2 Visa In The U.S.

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B1,B2,  This is a nonimmigrant visa where an applicant seeking to enter into the US  for the purpose of business  visit (B1) or tourist, visit family, friends and  relatives (B2)  or any other reasons that likely similar to visit the US for other  reasons or purposes deem  appropriate to apply on a temporary basis. When  granting this type of nonimmigrant visa a holder is not allowed to work, study, or remain longer in the U.S. as per duration allowed to stay t  temporarily. As always, to qualify to apply when assessing B1/B2 of nonimmigrant application, it evaluates on the basis of individual circumstances of the applicant, like the information, documents and ties of the person from his country of residence and abroad i.e., family ties, economic and social ties and other factors that will justify a strong motivations to return from your country of residence. It’s not an exhaustive to note that one should provide an affidavit or support or invitation from a family or friends in the U.S. as this is not the factors a consul would consider in coming up with the decision whether to grant or deny your application.

The applicant would only need to complete an online application the DS-160 Online Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application, pay the visa fee online for the Machine Readable Visa (MRV) application fee or through cash, bank payment, prepare the documents, schedule an interview and attend a personal interview, the applicant may expect to receive the decision from 14 working days.

The consulate officer will also determine the purpose of your visit and the financial capacity of the person seeking an entry into the U.S, if one cannot demonstrate or establish the return incentive or proof to the officer that at the end of your temporary visit in the U.S you’re going to return to your country – this may cause your application to be denied.

How to increase your chances of getting an approval?

There is no exact way as to avoid the non immigrant visa refusal, however to increase your chances, one may consider doing the following:

  • Strong ties in your country of residence – There are many ways as to demonstrate to the officer your ties, such as your family members, your work, your property, investment, your bank accounts or your social and cultural organization that requires you to compel to return after your temporary visit in the U.S.
  • Documentation – Usually, when you attend an interview the consular officer would also look over your documents after an interview, it is likely that the supporting documents are well presented, organize and genuine – the applicant also perceives to have a supporting documents according to his/her circumstances in the event where a consular officer will ask something during the interview if any.
  • Interview – Answer with confidence and a truthfulness to respond without inconsistencies.
  • Funds – You must have the enough resources in funding your entire visit in the U.S.
  • Review your completed DS – 160 completed page, see if you provide the correct answers, applicable to you
  • Not to make any misrepresentation
  • You are not identify as visa ineligibilities as per USCIS law