For Interntional Students in Ireland

A non – Euro graduates (international) in Ireland may able to extend their stay to work after the completion of their studies, this would only apply to graduates who completed the Level 7 National Framework qualification (NFQ) – this may eligible to qualify for 6 months graduate scheme to work full time 40 hours per week or apply for a work permit upon receiving an employment offer from the employer in Ireland. While, graduates of Level 8 (NFQ) may eligible to apply for 12 month graduate scheme to work 40 hours per week and or to look for a job in Ireland. These 2 scheme 6 months scheme and 12 months schemes are both one time opportunity for graduates in Ireland to work full time and to look for a job, and apply for a work permit.

Graduates of Non Degree Course in Ireland

Unfortunately, graduates of a certificate and diploma courses e.g., Level 5 or 6 categorically under NFQ in Ireland has no scheme to extend their stay in Ireland to work – since the allowable period of study to stay in Ireland while they are studying non degree courses is up to 3 years; therefore, graduates may consider to progress their further study in Ireland by taking level 7 or higher courses in Ireland then thereafter, they have an option to qualify for such scheme as stated above.

Work Permit Criteria

The Criteria for a work permit application in Ireland must be met in order to get the approval, as the work permit duration is basically issued for duration of 2 years and it can be renewed. It depends on the position or occupation you have been offered to work in Ireland. You cannot get a work permit if the employment is listed as ‘ineligible’ but certain exemption may apply for an employment for example as Carer, and people working in a restaurant as a Chef. There is also a need to provide for a ‘labour market test’ for work permit application while, for highly skilled occupation where a green card work permit applies, must have an annual salary of 60,000 euro to qualify- no requirement for the ‘labour market test’. For more information you may visit the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation website.


Long Term Residency Permit

If you have gone through working consecutively for 5 years in Ireland you may eligible to apply for the Long Term Residency Permit – this will give you an additional 5 years to live and work in Ireland without securing an employment permit’s requirements; however, the spouse/partner of a holder of this type of long term residency should apply for an employment work permit on its individual merit. Contact Visa Online Assistance for your Student Visa application in Ireland or visit or email at

 Source: Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service

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